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Culling in the Grampians

Culling in the Grampians

Recreational hunters cheaper option to aerial culling says SSAA Vic Hunting Manager

Sections of the Grampians national park have been closed due to expensive aerial culling taking place..

Whilst sections of the park will be closed for 6 days, the question has been asked as to why recreational hunters haven't been given the option to go in first.

David Laird Sporting Shooters association of Australia - Victorian hunting Manager David Laird has called for Balloted hunting to be an option with regards to deer and goat culling in the Grampians.

MR LAIRD SAYS balloted hunters and volunteers would actually pay for the opportunity to do the work rather than the government spend a fortune on contractors and aerial culling..

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Recreational hunting should be the first step when it comes to the over abundance of deer- with hunters paying for the privilege to do so -which also costs the government nothing.

Its not always suitable to have recreational hunters in some areas and we understand that - in the Grampians there's some issues in some areas there but we'd like to see Balloted hunting as an option as well.. its a limited number of hunters in specific areas with conditions on it, if that doesn't meet the required targets of reducing numbers then you can go to volunteer control programs and then contractors after that, we don't see paid contractors or aerial culling as an expensive first option should be the first port of call of government departments.

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