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Schumer's New Movie

Amy Schumer: ‘Snatched mocks Americans’

Amy Schumer’s new movie Snatched is “ultimately making fun of American entitlement”.

The queen of comedy stars opposite actress Goldie Hawn in the upcoming funny flick, about a mother and daughter whose exotic vacation goes horribly wrong. Describing it as a “real proper action movie”, Amy recalled to Empire magazine how she and the Overboard actress laughed every day during production and she hopes others will see the appeal.

“The plot is simple: I was supposed to go on vacation to South America with my boyfriend and, after he breaks up with me, I cannot get anyone else in the world to go,” Amy explained. “I bet my mom to go and she’s afraid of everything and then (the kidnap) happens. I’m aware that it’s such a sensitive time with other cultures and I don’t want people to think I’m stereotyping South Americans, saying they’re all kidnappers. It’s more about highlighting my ignorance, as an ugly American who goes somewhere without speaking the language at all. It’s ultimately making fun of American entitlement. “

Golide, 71, had nothing but praise for her younger co-star and how much she improvised when it came to the script.

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Quizzed on whether they were worried about collaborating for the first time, both women insisted that was far from the case, with Amy describing their bond as “kindred”.

“We live our lives in a similar way,” Goldie, whose daughter is actress Kate Hudson and partner is Hollywood actor Kurt Russell. “We love what we do, we like home, we like our family. And friends, but not a ton of them. I think Amy would rather go to a friend’s or stay at home than dress up and go out.”

Snatched is due out in cinemas next month