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Andrew's Announcement

Andrew's Announcement

Renewed State of Emergency

Premier Daniel Andrews announced this morning Victoria’s first steps to recovery form the COVID-19 crisis.

Victoria has undergone a testing blitz over the past two weeks with over 160,000 coronavirus tests conducted across the state.

There remains strong restrictions in place across Victoria.

Today Victoria announced that from Wednesday:

* Groups of no more than 10 can participate in outdoor activities.

* No camping or overnight stays are allowed.

* Households can have a maximum of five visitors to allow family and friends to gather.

* Weddings will now be able to have 10 guests and up to 20 people will be able to attend funerals held indoors and up to 30 if they are outdoors.

* Counselling services will be allowed with groups of no more than 10.

* Cafes and restaurants will remain closed for table service with that to be reviewed at the end of May.

People are asked to use their judgement and the advice is: just because you can, does not mean that always you should (advice from health care professionals is to seriously consider visiting elderly relatives with groups of five at a time). Use judgement and common sense.

Schools will commence a gradual return to school before the end of this term with more details to be announced in the coming week.

The renewed State of Emergency will be in place until 11:59pm on Sunday, May 31 when matters will be reviewed again.

Instead of four reasons to leave your home, there are now five reasons.

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They include:

1. Visiting family or friends (no more than five visitors in one home)
2. To get medical assistance or give medical care to a loved one
3. For exercise
4. To get essential supplies like food
5. To Attend work or education if you can't from home

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