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Grooby Running 733 ks

Grooby Running 733 ks

27 year old on the run for Mental Health awareness

27 Year old Jordan Grooby from the outside looking in is your average 26 year old, happily married with one beautiful son and another arriving soon. he's currently studying, working and enjoy playing many sports with friends on weekends.

Groobys greatest passion is running, he started in 2015 with a few fun runs which then turned into marathons, any chance possible he would be out running.

On the inside it was a different story… Running soon became a chore for Jordan and he would find any excuse to stay indoors and not do anything.

He lost interest in the things he used to enjoy and wasn’t himself anymore. Grooby knew something wasn’t right and it wasn’t just the nagging wife telling him to get off the couch. As everyone does, he consulted Dr Google, which lead him to beyondblue.

He completed the anxiety and depression checklist, which scored him high risk but as with all Dr Google consults he thought it can’t be as bad as that.

After becoming more withdrawn from life and no longer resembling my his old self, Grooby went back to the beyondblue website and browsed through the many resources. Finally he admitted he needed help and booked an appointment with his GP.

Jordan was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and is currently getting treatment. Grooby says its bloody hard, there are still bad days and there is a long road ahead.

So he came up with this crazy idea (and even more crazy – his wife agreed!) to will run 733km from the MCG to his beloved Adelaide Oval. Along the way Grooby aims to raise $10,000 but more importantly much needed awareness. Without beyondblue Grooby says he wouldn’t have realised that what he was thinking and feeling was not normal, and definitely wouldn’t have reached out for help. Grooby feels he owes his life to beyondblue and hopes sharing his personal story will help others reach out for help and start their journey to better mental health.

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Grooby will be joined by close mate Andrew Sostheim tonight on the run - with SOS doing the Stawell to Kaniva Leg.

Day 4 (21st June): Buangor to Stawell

Day 5 (22nd June): Stawell to Horsham

Day 6 (23rd June): Horsham to Gerang Gerung

Day 7 (24th June): Gerang Gerung to Kaniva

Day 8 (25th June): Kaniva to Bordertown

Day 9 (26th June): Bordertown to Keith

Day 10 (27th June): Keith to Ki Ki

Day 11 (28th June): Ki Ki to Murray Bridge

Day 12 (29th June): Murray Bridge to Littlehampton

Day 13 (30th June): Littlehampton to Adelaide Oval

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