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Old timetable resinstated

Old timetable resinstated

From tomorrow the 2019 town and country bus service routes and times will be used

Local schools have been notified this afternoon by Wimmera Roadways that Public Transport Victoria has decided to revert back to the original town and country bus schedules as of tomorrow.

All bus routes, stops and times will be exactly the same as they were last year....the change came as many students and locals were stranded with the new services.

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The original seven bus routes provided by Wimmera Roadways have been reinstated with the Minister for Transport Melissa Horne and Public Transport Victoria making the decision yesterday afternoon after they were flooded with complaints over the new timetables and routes.

Many school children and elderly residents were left stranded due to the changes and Nationals Member for Lowan Emma Kealy says not enough thought went into changing the services and how it would seriously impact local residents day to day travel....

Ms Kealys office had been inundated with complaints since the Minister for Transport Melissa Horne was in town last week to announce the new stops and services saying that many locals had been heavily impacted by the timetable change and weren't able to go about their business as usual and even worse parents weren't notified of the changes so students were left standing at stops waiting.

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