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Toxic chemicals could harm

Toxic chemicals could harm

CFA units told not to respond if a blaze breaks out at Kaniva toxic waste dump

The Country Fire authority has been told not to respond if a blaze breaks out at the illegal chemical dump site just out of Kaniva.

The CFA is concerned a fire at the dump on a remote block west of Kaniva could expose crews to toxic contamination therefore have instructed crews to stay away if a fire does start.

Local Mayor Bruce Meyer says residents are concerned that the chemicals could leak into the water table and a cleanup of the site couldn't happen soon enough.

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"It has to be cleaned up there's no doubt about it, some of the chemicals there are similar to some that have been on the west footscray fire and so the quicker we get them out of the road the better, but there definitely will be a cleanup".

The EPA is holding a meeting this thursday at the Kaniva Shire Hall, 15 Baker street Kaniva.

Starting at 5pm and expected to go through until 6.30pm - the meeting organised by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) and other government organisations - aims to update the community with the latest information from the illegal waste dump site 15 km south of Kaniva, near Lemon Springs.

EPA will be joined by representatives from Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water Corporation (GWMWater), West Wimmera Shire Council, AgVic, WorkSafe and CFA.

Please register to attend via email:

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