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Climbers devastated

Climbers devastated

Traditional owners have full say over area

The Climbing issue in the Grampians is set to become more serious as climbing groups are keen to mount a legal challenge...against climbing bans on sections of the Grampians national park.

Traditional owners have been given new powers...meaning indigenous groups get full say over the area regarded as the rock climbing mecca of Australia... climbing groups could face fines of up to 1.6 million dollars if they ignore the ban under new legislation......

Simon Carter Publisher of Grampians climbing says Climbers have not been damaging art as some statements from Parks Victoria has claimed...and that Parks Victoria have handled the whole situation badly.

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Mr Carter has said if anything the climbers worship the rock faces and art and would like to sit down with traditional owners to come to an agreement and from what he's heard they want to do the same.

The Australian Climbing association are looking into the legalities and believe that it is illegal to ban climbing in the larger sections of the Grampians.

Luke Weatherstone - a sydney based climber who travels down with his family a couple of times a year and spends 10 days to two weeks in the area says we need to realise the impact shutting down the climbing areas will have on the local economy.

Mr Weatherstone says climbers spend money at Wimmera outdoors - that they live on coffee and you can spot them at Cafes, restaurants and that himself and his family would easily spend a couple of thousand in a visit with accommodation, food and equipment purchases.

If you want to have your say on the future of the Grampians National Park, please register here:

Photo credit Simon Carter Onsite photography.

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