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Covid Update 19/9/21

Covid Update 19/9/21

A Covid roadmap has been announced for Victoria

It's the Sunday we have been looking forward to, a roadmap has been announced by Victorian Premier Danial Andrews today (Sunday, September 19)

As we increase our vaccinated population, the state will not open up in a hurry but in stages as we do live with the virus.

The first phase of the roadmap includes changes to beauty services, and education with schools starting reopen. This phase will start when Victoria is 80% first dose vaccinated or September 26th, 2021.

At 70% of the population double dosed more social and recreation activities will open up for fully vaccinated Victorians. October 26th is when community sport returns indoors with limits, pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues can open indoor to 30 fully vaccinated people.

From November 5th or at 80% of double dosed population Regional Victoria and Metro Melbourne will come together under the same rules.

The message of getting vaccinated is still encouraged, not to wait, make an appointment and take advantage of available appointments where you can.

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