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Local farmers join forces

Local farmers join forces

West Wimmera and South East farmers organise Hay drive...

Parts of News South Wales and Queensland that have suffered through years of devastating drought and now been ravaged by Fires are in the thoughts of South East and West Wimmera farmers who have been organising a hay drive for the past couple of months..the small group of farmers have been working behind the scenes - gathering donations and approaching landowners for help .

With most farmers in the region cutting hay now or having already cut - Robert Cameron, Tex Willersdorf of Lilimur

Robert Cameron one of the organisers - says they hope to start the convey on the 6th of December..and are also looking for donations of pamper packs or donations of toiletries for the men and women, dog food, pet food etc.

Below is a statement from the group...

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"To whom it may concern West Wimmera and South East hay drive for drought affected farmers!
After seeing and reading about our farmers in despair a small group of us have decided we should help them in any way we can -we are asking for local farmers if they could donate some hay, donate some of their time, or donate trucks so we can deliver the hay where it’s needed most!

A convoy will be leaving on December 6th from Lillimur Victoria to help our fellow farmers and maybe give them a little bit of an early Christmas present - we understand that the people of the South East and West Wimmera are cutting their own hay now and starting harvest but anything you can spare would be muchly appreciated.

Deliveries of hay can be made to Tex Willersdorf at 20 Lillimur station Rd Lillimur Victoria - Texs number is 0428931243 or contact Robert on 0460577746 0r we can pick up hay if need be and welcome any assistance you can offer".

There is also a facebook group

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