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First Lego League Grant

a small team of Year 6 students from Horsham have created a video

As part of a ‘First Lego League Grant’ application, a small team of Year 6 students from Horsham West and Haven Primary School have created a one minute video clip.

Art teacher Michelle Watson said the clip was made as part of the entry requirement.

“The students’ creation involved several staff members and many students wearing Lego masks they had made at school,” she said. “The voice-overs were constructed by the students, with the aim of having a fun and humorous presentation for the entry. “Staff and students quickly got on board with the idea teacher Luke Fisher and his class assisting and Trudy Coles helping with the logo changes.”

The school has applied for a grant to boost their newly introduced Lego Robotics program.

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The program is aimed at students aged 9-12 years.

In the interim, the school has purchased a set of Edison robots for the students in Years 3-4 to use this term, along with two Mindstorms kits for use to extend students in Years 5-6. Both campuses will have teams compete in the First Lego League later this year. The theme for this year is Hydrodynamics.

LEGOLAND: Horsham West and Haven Primary School staff and students produced a video to try to win Lego. Back left, teacher Michelle Watson, Ethan Heard, Oscar Watson, Ryan Sanders; front, Riley Lane, Logan Casey and Nathan Hughes. Pictures: PAUL CARRACHER