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Food Bank Supports YOU!

Food Bank Supports YOU!

Horsham's Christian Emergency Food Centre is there for the whole community

Horsham's Christian Emergency Food Centre is here to help support the whole community throughout the pandemic.

The Centre remains open during the lockdown period to assisting residents who might find money is a bit tight at the moment. This includes everyone and not just those on welfare and Centrelink benefits. You don't need a concession card or have needed to use the service before to be eligible.

The Christian Emergency Food Centre isn't a supermarket, but they do have a wide range of food available and with a recent grant received, the Centre is able to accommodate the wider community. Food includes; fresh fruit and vegetable, pantry staples and bakery products to share.

The recent addition to the 'Meal Box program' has been great! Having a team of volunteers who meet once a month to prepare more than 100 healthy meals. The meals are donated to the Christian Emergency Food Centre ready to hand out to residents in need.

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If you'd like to get in touch with Christina Emergency Food Centre call 5381 2311 or 5382 1326 between 1 PM and 3.30 PM on weekdays.

Food can be collected in a COVID safe manner from the front or rear entrance.

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