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Image - Dr Dennis Napthine AO (share your care facebook page)

Foster Care Campaign

Foster Care Campaign

Image - Dr Dennis Napthine AO (share your care facebook page)

Napthine leads push for more local foster carers

Former Victorian Premier Dr Denis Napthine AO is leading a regional campaign to boost the number of foster carers across Wimmera and South West Victoria.

Dr Napthine, who was a long-term foster carer with wife Peggy, is calling on people from all walks of life to consider foster care.

Called Share Your Care, the campaign aims to recruit new families and individuals to support children in their own communities who need a place to stay.

“It takes a village to raise a child and we as a community have really got to be prepared to look after all the children from our community if they can’t safely stay with their own family,” Dr Napthine said.

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“We've got to put our arms around them and that's why foster care is so important, it is not without its challenges but bringing a big smile to the face of a child in need is a priceless joy, Being a foster carer is one of the most joyful and rewarding things anyone can do".

Dr Napthine, who is the campaign’s official Ambassador, said carers came from all walks of life and lived in all sorts of places - towns, cities, rural townships, and out on isolated farms.

“My wife and I were foster carers for 15 years, we were long term carers but there is also the option of short-term and medium-term care“ Dr Napthine said.

“There are professional people who provide advice, assistance and support, as well as financial assistance to make sure that foster carers are not out of pocket,” he said.

Dr Napthine said with demand for foster carers currently exceeding supply, and our communities facing new challenges every day, there was no better time to consider becoming a carer.

Share Your Care has been jointly initiated by several agencies across the Wimmera and South West Victoria.

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