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Exercise is important

Exercise is important

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Lockdown frustrates local sporting facilities and gym owners

As of early tomorrow morning.. indoor physical recreation and sport will re-open following the VICTORIAN Government's announcements Wednesday -a relief for many who rely on these types of places to not only keep their physical health in check but their mental health also.

Under the guidelines there will be density limits in gyms and sporting facilities.. as well as there being limits on venue capacity and group sizes.

Leisure operations Assistant Ben Hodgetts from the Stawell Sports and Aquatic Centre says having Gyms and exercise facilities closed does impact peoples mental health....

"Having Gyms closed obviously does impact peoples health to a certain extent, a lot of people around here like their daily routine and within the last week - week and half they haven't been able to come and keep up with their routine".

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"Obviously every one of our lock downs has been as hard as the other, for the gym and facility users and for staff as well. I know of a couple of people that have tried to source or setup their own gyms and use them during the lock downs but its not the same as coming in here and using the right equipment".

The state government has continually said that Gyms are one of the most dangerous places in regards to the transmission of Covid 19, MR Hodgetts says "Personally I don't see it myself either, Gyms have never been cleaner before, we have regular checklists here that we are always sticking too, not just in the Gym but the whole facility, so I've got no idea why we seem to be affected so hard every single lockdown"

And he said the facility has had a lot of phone calls about reopening tomorrow "We've had plenty of phone calls over the last few days so obviously people are quite happy to be coming back".

Victorian Government Restrictions Table;

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