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Good Friday appeal goal

Good Friday appeal goal

Ararat Fire Brigade chasing ONE MILLION $$$

The Ararat Fire Brigade are conducting their annual Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal activities - chasing a ONE MILLION DOLLAR TARGET.

Having raised over $918,672 over the years area manager for the Ararat CFA Good Friday Appeal - Graham Cooper says there are plenty of ways to donate with raffle tickets around local businesses, donation tins and of course tin rattlers being out and about Friday.

The Brigades former late Jim Jackson, started the appeal back in 1970 after his daughter Janine received life saving heart surgery from the Royal Children's.

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The crew are chasing $72,000 to make one million - if anyone wants to help out Graham Cooper from Ararat CFA says they can pop down to the collection centre on the corner of King and Rundell street at Ararat primary school.

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