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With Holidays almost here, you'll want to get to the coast

There's been a hive of activity off the coast of Portland in the past week, with many sightings of a variety of whales out at sea.

Yesterday, at about 1pm, two Humpback whales were sighted heading east off Cape Grant near Portland, while two Southern Right whales were seen from the viewing platform off Whalers Bluff.

Two days earlier a mother and her calf were seen at the same point and Portland Tourism Association president Dennis Carr says it's been fantastic for the area.

With less than two weeks to the school holidays - Wimmera residents will been keen to get to the coast and try and catch a glimpse of a whale whilst they're passing through.

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Wimmera residents traditionally flock to the South Coast - visiting towns like Portland, Port Fairy and Warrnambool and even across to Robe with there being sightings of Whales at the South Australian seaside town in the last 12 months also

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