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Burke set for more scans

Burke set for more scans

MRI shows Burke has a bulging disc in his neck - impeding on nerves

Horshams Jordyn Burke was taken to Wimmera hospital Sunday after an innocent head knock with a saints player - that saw him briefly lose consciousness.
Burke has spent the last 30 + hours in hospital resting and having tests to clear him of any bleeding or spinal damage.

Receiving an MRI on his neck later this afternoon, Jordy was told the MRI showed there was a bulged disc in his neck that was impeding on nerves.

Burke will head to Melbourne in a couple of weeks to meet with a specialist and to assess the possibility of surgery.

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Demons Coach Guy Smith says the knock was innocent with Burke running back into play from the boundary line and simply "running into another bloke"..

"No one likes to see that kind of clash-but thats all it was, he (Burke) ran into play where there was half a dozen blokes and has just hit a bloke".

Burkes spirits remain high - although he is in a lot of pain in his neck and will have to wear the neck brace 24/7 until he meets with a specialist in Melbourne.

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