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Kealy holds Lowan

Kealy holds Lowan

Victorian Election watch

Incumbent Nationals Member for Lowan Emma Kealy has been re-elected in Victoria's State Election.

Ms Kealy easily held the seat with early counts showing 67.6 per cent of the first preference vote going her way and 73.24 per cent after preferences.

Labor candidate Maurice Billi received 20.44 per cent two-parties preferred in early counts and 26.76 per cent after preferences.

Other minor candidates for the seat of Lowan received 5.57 per cent for Greens' Richard Lane, 5.16 per cent for Independent Barry Shea and 1.22 per cent for Trevor Grenfell from the Victorian Socialists Party.

At the end of Election Day 1178 people had voted informally and the overall count sat at 49.3 per cent of total enrolment.

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Despite Ms Kealy easily holding the seat of Lowan, the Labor Party won the election in a landslide.

Across Victoria Labor won 59 seats, the Liberal Nationals 20 seats, the Greens and Independents both secured one seat each and seven seats are still in doubt.

Pre-polling and early votes still need to be counted across the state.

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