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SA Border pain

SA Border pain

SA Government quick to shut Victorians out

Member for Lowan Emma Kealy has written to the South Australian government in hopes they will change their mind on the tight border restrictions in place.

As it stands Victorians living 70 kilometers from the border are allowed to cross the border, however if you travel further than 70 kilometers into the state you will then not be allowed to cross back over to South Australia without getting tested regularly and even in some cases having to quarantine.

Ms Kealy said "Two weeks ago we saw the South Australian Government make a sensible move in putting in restrictions just to greater Melbourne for entry into Australia but as soon as Victoria brought in their statewide Lockdown rules then South Australia really tightened up their bubble, where if you lived in that 70k of the border on the Victorian side you couldn't travel outside of that zone or you basically you rendered your essential travel number as void and it meant that you'd have to get testing on numerous days"

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Ms Kealy wrote to the South Australian Government Thursday to ask them to update their information and their regulation around particularly cross border community members so we can get back to that point where you can travel anywhere in regional Victoria and limit them to 70ks into South Australia"

Ms Kealy posted on her facebook page that she had indeed written to Premier Marshall 'seeking this to be reviewed to be closed only to Greater Melbourne, and will provide an update when I receive a response'.

Exemptions to the hard border closure:

❇️ Victorian Cross Border Community Members – people who live within 70 km (as the crow flies) of the SA-Vic border can cross the border without restriction and travel anywhere in SA, BUT ONLY if you have not travelled outside the 70km zone deeper into Victoria since 20 May 2021. You also have to have an existing ET number, or apply here:


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