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Image: Macquarie Media

Last rights for Nine

Last rights for Nine

Image: Macquarie Media

Expect to pay for what has always been free

Channel 7 will broadcast both the AFL and the cricket in a new deal with Foxtel tipped to be announced later today.

Industry insider, Peter Ford told Melbourne radio's Ross and John the negotiations continued until the early hours of this morning.

“My information is with the cricket rights that until 12.30 this morning negotiations were still continuing as to who would be picking up the cricket rights,” he said.

“Foxtel will have a major chunk of what is on offer, my information is that Channel 7 will partner with Foxtel.

Peter said we still don’t know how the cricket is going to be divvied up, but there’s “no doubt if you want to watch everything you’re going to have to have Foxtel”.

It’s believed Cricket Australia will receive more than $1 billion over six years after selling the rights to Foxtel and Seven. It comes after Nine snatched the rights to the Australian Open from Seven, earlier this year.

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