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Six million to be shared

Six million to be shared

Extra accommodation for Longerenong College Students

Longerenong College will find out in July how much they will receive out of a six million dollar pool being allocated to three major agricultural colleges across the state...

The announcement came during yesterdays state budget with Glenormiston in the south west and Dookie college in the north east also being allocated funds for site developments.

Over the last 12 months due to the influx of students - accommodation has been a little cramped at Longerenong..says Principal John Goldsmith.

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The college has already been looking into the development of extra student accommodation with several separate units planned.

Longerenong has gone from strength to strength over the past few years with the agricultural industry remaining a key interest in many young peoples lives.

The college takes in more and more students each year and gratefully accept the budget announcement to help them expand even further and accept more students to the college.

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