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Storm damage

Storm damage

Mini cyclone wreaks havoc

A windstorm described by residents of Perkins Court in Horsham as a mini cyclone has damaged houses and uprooted trees overnight.

The storm at about 12.40am left a line of damage in Horsham's north from Florence Street to Dimboola Road.

PHOTOS: 'Mini' storm wreaks havoc in Horsham North

Horsham Fire Brigade captain John St Clair said about 20 houses were reported as damaged in the storm.

"We've had a mini-windstorm that has caused damage from uprooted trees to roofs been ripped off houses," he said.

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"We will get about the cleanup before more expected wind gusts."

Perkins Court residents Matthew Sharp and Martin Treacy said the storm shattered windows in their homes.

"We woke up close to 1am to massive winds and heard a few bangs and glass shatter," Mr Sharp said.

"We jumped out of bed and went to the kids and they were okay."

"We've had windows shatter, water leaks and the roof of the pergola has been ripped off.

"The air-conditioner is gone and the entertainment area is barely standing."

Mr Treacy said he and his wife were woken to an 'enormous gush if wind'.

"We grabbed the top sheet and pulled it over ourselves as glass from the window covered us," he said.

"We have a couple of scratches but we're alright.

"We've got a fair bit of our neighbours roofs in our front and back yards," he said.

"I'd say it was a cyclone for sure."

Renee Snell said damage in Wanwunna Road was widespread.

"We have trees down, powerlines over the roads, chimneys all over the road and roof’s gone! It’s crazy."

Amber Peters said it was like a tornado.

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