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Out of Touch

  • Out of TouchImage: Pixabay

First Homer buyers told to toughen up

The complaints about the difficulties of entering the housing market have rarely been so loud, with talk of dipping into superannuation even making the political agenda in recent weeks.

In a weekend column, Sunday Herald Sun deputy editor Katie Bice said:

"it's called a property ladder for a reason" and took aim at people who would "rather whinge about housing affordability and how 'someone else' (the government) should act rather than force you to compromise".


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The newspaper editor was soon called to account and told she was out of touch.

LANCE: People who have $2m budgets still don't find the perfect house, it's all relative. So just put your head down, put your bum up.

PHIL: I bought my first house when I was 20, I've got a few houses. I've got kids in their 20s and late-teens and my advice to them is 'Do not buy'. It does not make economic sense. It's cheaper to rent by a factor of at least half; that tells you something is wrong.

JENNY: My son just turned 22, and he settled on his home on Friday. He understands that you've got to start low, so he bought in Healesville, just a two-bedroom home but he's on a third of an acre.

TRAVIS: The sense of entitlement these days - it's just like with jobs; everyone comes into work and expects a promotion after two or three years. You've got to work for these things.