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Rail for Horsham

Rail for Horsham

Emma Kealy promises rail to return to Horsham

The Liberal Nationals have promised to return passenger rail to Horsham and transform Victoria’s regional rail network, if elected to form Government.

The Opposition has announced a rebuild to the state's rail network slashing travel times on regional lines.

European-style high speed rail will be delivered right across Victoria by an elected Liberal National Government, including between Ballarat and Melbourne which will go from 73 minutes to under 45 minutes, while those travelling through to Ararat will see travel times cut to 109 minutes.

A reopened Horsham rail line will see more access to universities, TAFEs and specialist medical services, connecting with a new fast regional rail line from Ararat through to Melbourne.

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Member for Lowan Emma Kealy said a faster rail connection to Ararat will cut travel times to Melbourne by 30 minutes, meaning returned Horsham services will arrive sooner.

“Better regional rail services will bring our communities closer together, making it possible to live in one town and work in another,” Ms Kealy said.

“Our communities are endlessly frustrated by Labor’s neglect, failing for the past four years to return passenger rail beyond Ararat.

“By better connecting Horsham with Regional Victoria we’ll make it easier for workers, students, visitors and our whole community to get where we need to be.”

The $19 billion super-infrastructure will cut travel times on all regional rail lines and will be planned and built in three stages over the next ten years.

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