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GWV Rebels

Rebels Set To Bounce Back

Rebels Set To Bounce Back

GWV Rebels

GWV Rebels Face Off Against Tasmania In NAB League Clash

The Greater Western Victoria Rebels are looking to bounce back after a disappointing loss to Gippsland Power last round.

Hopes are high for the Rebels after a strong second half against Gippsland then having a week's rest.

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This Saturday at MARS Stadium in Ballarat, the GWV Rebels get their chance to snatch a win against Tasmania in their Round 9 of the NAB League.

Heading into this weekend's clash, the GWV Rebels have made some changes to the team with Mitch Martin (Horsham Saints) and Jay Rantall (South Warrnambool) being selected to represent Vic Country this Saturday against Vic Metro in Round 1 of the NAB AFL National U18 Boys Championship.

Harry Waters (Hamilton Kangaroos) and Flynn Atchison (South Warrnambool) will both make their GWV Rebels debuts and will look to bring their enthusiasm into the game.

First bounce is at 11am with the game being streamed live on the new NAB league App.

This week’s Greater Western Victoria Rebels NAB League Boy’s line up:

B 26. N Nash 28. I Ewing 6. J Tillig
HB 11. J Dwyer 18. J Wright 8. J Cleaver
C 22. M Burgess 3. T Mahony 35. C Hinkley
HF 36. H Waters 20. C Giddings 37. F Atchison
F 17. E Ajang 19. N Caris 2. I Grant R 23. D McEldrew 10. M Lloyd 1. C Craig-Peters
Int 40. F Macdonald 25. P Rea 12. R Polkinghorne 33. R O'Keefe 41. F Marris
Emg 24. J Quick 27. M Herbert 38.T Jennings
23P 36. H Waters

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