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Fire Danger period starts

Fire Danger period starts

The CFA has declared the first fire danger periods for 2019 for our area

The Country Fire Authority has declared the first fire danger periods for 2019 in parts of the Wimmera and Southern Mallee.

Northern West Wimmera, Hindmarsh and Yarriambiack central and north municipalities are now in CFA-declared fire danger periods with the restrictions coming into place last week.

Restrictions for Northern Grampians Shire, northern Horsham Rural City Council, central-east West Wimmera and the remainder of Yarriambiack Shire started today.

Fire danger periods are declared when CFA sets zero-tolerance fire restrictions on communities, which can start as early as October and continue to May the following year.

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These periods are different to Total Fire Ban Days that can be declared at any time throughout the year.

CFA District 17 Acting Operations Manager Alfred Mason has asked that any residents that dont know their district or whether they are in a restriction period to make sure they call either the council or the CFA.

"As of today the whole of Hindmarsh, the whole of Yarriamback, central east in the part of North Wimmera and the Northern part, part of the members who actually live in those areas know their patch, there is a lot of roads and its easy for people to go onto our website or the Horsham council website or our offices if they need to find out the specific roads as there is a little bit to the West Wimmera and the Northern Part of the Shire for Horsham".

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