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Ripon outcome

Ripon outcome

Ripon sits on a knife's edge

It's still expected to be several days before a clear outcome is known in the seat of Ripon in the State Election.

The seat is currently held by the Liberal party with incumbent member Louise Staley fighting to hold the electorate, but Labor candidate Sarah De Santis is a strong chance of claiming the region.

More than 70 per cent of the overall votes have been counted and Ms Staley holds the lead on first preferences 39.28 per cent to Ms De Santis 39.02 per cent.

After preferences Ms De Santis is in front with 50.1 per cent of the vote to Ms Staley 49.9 per cent, meaning there has been a swing of 0.8 per cent from 2014.

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Six other candidates ran for the seat in this year's election with Peter Fava from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party receiving 6.44 per cent of the vote, Sandra Gibbs from Derryn Hinch's Justice party receiving 4.62 per cent, Greens' candidate Serge Simic currently sitting on 3.77 per cent, Peter Mulcahy from the Democratic Labour party on 2.97 per cent, Anna Hills from the Animal Justice Party receiving 1.80 per cent, independent Jeff Truscott sitting on 1.03 per cent and both Brownyn Jennings from the Victorian Socialists and independent Maria Mayer receiving just 0.54 per cent.

In 2014 Ms Staley was elected as the member by just 0.8 per cent resulting in a win of just over 600 votes.

33,650 votes have been counted so far from the 47,774 overall and of those 2,539 have been recorded as informal.

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