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Rough weekend ahead

Rough weekend ahead

Bureau predicts gusty winds, thunderstorms and rough conditions

If you were thinking of heading off for the first weekend of school holidays now that regional areas are out of lockdown except for might want to reconsider.

The Bureau of meteorology has forecast average conditions for the weekend - starting tomorrow with a severe weather warning already in place for tomorrow, where a cold front will kick off in the South west and Grampians and move across the state.

The south west could see some serious gusty squalls with wind speeds forecast to reach between 90 and 100kph across tomorrow.

The sunny, spring conditions of today will be swept away by the first of several cold fronts moving through the state tomorrow morning which could see thunderstorms, rain, gusty winds and even hail in some parts.

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Senior forecaster from the Bureau of meteorology Mark Anolak says there is the potential for Damaging wind gusts in the south west, they will be isolated but they could reach between 90 and 100 kilometers per hour.

'The winds will start off around the west in the Grampians Friday morning and then extend to elevated areas of the central areas in the afternoon and there will be a return to cold, wet and windy conditions through the weekend, mainly due to a series of cold fronts that are set to sweep across the state through the next few days, so at times we could see some pretty intense showers and as we move through he weekend and early part of next week, we'll see some showers, thunderstorms, windy conditions at times, some damaging wind gusts also possibly later in the weekend and early next week and by Tuesday the weather should become more settled'.

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