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Stopping Suicide

Stopping Suicide

Andrews Gov steps up to the plate

Daniel Andrews says Victoria has to better when it comes to suicide prevention.

The Premier has allocated $30 million over the next four years to tackle the issue.

He told Melbourne Radio Announcer Neil Mitchell more needed to be done, with 646 Victorians taking their own life in 2014 alone.

"That's more than twice the road toll," the Premier said on Thursday.

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"I don't think we can let that rest.

"I think we have to do more and we have to do much better."

The Premier's plan is to halve that number over the next decade, with most of the funding aimed at the outer suburbs and "at risk" groups.

"It won't be easy, but I think you've got to set ambitious targets because that keeps up all honest and drives us to do better," Mr Andrews said on 3AW.

"Think of their families, their communities, their friends, teammates, workmates – this touches all of us.

"We have to do better."

If you or someone you know needs support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14

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