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Write a Book in a Day

  • Write a Book in a Day

Horsham’s Ss Michael and John’s students ‘Write a Book in a Day’

Budding authors and illustrators at Ss Michael and John’s Primary School in Horsham have collaborated to produce two books as part of a Write a Book in a Day project.

School librarian Linda McCall said Write a Book in a Day was a national creative writing competition involving a team of students writing, editing and illustrating a book in a 12-hour period.

“The completed books are given to hospitals around Australia to cheer up young patients receiving care,” she said.

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Ms McCall said Ss Michael and John’s had two teams of 10 students participate.

“They all had to incorporate the words ‘pillow’, ‘zigzagged’, ‘awkward’, ‘emerald’ and ‘fuzzy’ into their stories,” she said.

“However, they were each given different story parameters. The children didn’t know what the parameters were until they started at 8am on Monday morning.”

The students were required to produce stories between 2000 and 2500 words by 8pm on Monday night.

Finalists will be notified in October following an initial round of judging, with the final judging to occur in November.

Money raised throughout the competition goes to The Kids Cancer Project to support childhood cancer research.